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SHENZHEN WELLBOM TECH CO.,LTD is Specialized In Manufacturering Stainless Grain Mill,转盘娱乐 Keg,Brewing Hardware,Faucet 转盘娱乐 Tower and 转盘娱乐 Making Equipments,we also supply customizing and designing service for all stainless steel products. We Are in this field for 9years. Own R&D Department And Design Team. Covering An Area Of 2200 Squre Meters,120 Workers,Of Whom 12 Technicians. With Our Strict Quality Control Procedure And Excellent Customer Service We have Won High Praise From Our Clients Who Came From Europe,America,Asia,South America... etc.In order to shorten the delivery period,we set up a warehouse to stock most of hot selling items. The aim of our company is the quality and prestige first. We sincerely welcome the co-partner from abroad.


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